Fashion Shows

Elizabeth Mollo has been producing fashion shows in Portland since 2004. In addition to being the executive producer for Fade to Light she is involved in producing other shows around Portland, including:



Elizabeth Mollo serves as the Runway Producer for FashioNXT, which is a fashion forward lifestyle showcase and runway show. FashioNXT debuts fashion designers’ collections on the runway while launching the latest in technology in the adjoining lifestyle plaza. Personal style is comprised of a heightened awareness of the latest in fashion, the latest in technology, and the ability to be exposed to and inspired by other choices through social media. FashioNXT serves as a vehicle to showcase all aspects of this fashion forward lifestyle.

Alley 33

Elizabeth Mollo serves as a producer for Alley 33, in collaboration with Cassie Ridgway of Altar, which is a fashion show about sustainability through local production. Alley 33 curates designers with a wide array of garments; from easy-fit casual wear to high couture. Alley 33 celebrates Portland’s production designers, silk-screeners, up-cylists, swimwear designers, dress makers, cobblers, and all of those who re-define fashion as we know it.