Fashion Shows

Elizabeth Mollo has been producing fashion shows in Portland since 2004. In addition to being the executive producer for Fade to Light she is involved in producing other shows around Portland, including:


Unmentionable: A Lingerie Exposition

Elizabeth Mollo serves as a producer for Unmentionable, in collaboration with Cassie Ridgway of Altar Boutique, which is an annual fashion show that takes place just before Valentine’s Day and focuses on independently owned and manufactured lingerie brands. From basics to couture and everything in between, Unmentionable strives to show pieces that appeal to ALL types of people. This show is also about being inclusive, and we are proud to feature models of all shapes, sizes, races, gender identities, and sexual orientations

In addition to the fashion show, Unmentionable is also a marketplace, and hosts vendors that sell jewelry, fragrances, chocolates, and many more gift items that your partner (or you) will love to receive.

The Alley 33 Fashion Event

Elizabeth Mollo also serves as a producer for Alley 33, in another collaboration with Cassie Ridgway of Altar Boutique, which is a fashion show about sustainability through support of local production. Alley 33 celebrates the incredible cascade of Portland-based clothing companies who specialize in ready-to-wear clothing for everyday use on highly fashionable people. The focus of this show is clothing you can actually buy and wear that is made and manufactured in Portland. Every clothing company you’ll see at the show has their clothing available to the public, and many designers in this show are also boutique house lines with brick-and-mortar stores, so you can literally shop the runway.